Software Updates
The Sheep Station is continually being upgraded and developed for multiple uses.
Field trials are done around the world to assess performance and determine real-world needs.

Updates for the Sheep Station are announced to users via email.

Do not attempt to update your device without reading the instructions first!
Update Instructions
  1. Extract the SSupdate20160920.exe file to your desktop
  2. Power-off the SheepStation, remove USB drive and insert into laptop
  3. Copy ssupdate.tar.gz into the LibraryBox folder on USB drive
  4. Insert USB drive back into SheepStation and Power-on
  5. Connect to SheepStation-FreeContent wifi
  6. Execute the remote-update.bat file inside SSupdate on your desktop.
  7. Wait for SheepStation to reboot automatically
  8. Delete SSupdate files when completed.
See for instructions on new features.
Copyright 2015 Wandering Sheep Productions